Academy Violin Bow – Carbon-Fibre 3-Star, Wood effect


Academy Violin Bow – Carbon-Fibre 3-Star, Wood effect



Academy Violin Bow – Carbon-Fibre 3-Star, Wood effect

Academy carbon fibre composite bows are created using synthetic materials. Hair-like fibres are fused and formed to create the bow, and the end result is a flexible, lightweight, yet durable bow material.

The composite material is very similar to the flexible stiffness of the more expensive wood bows, but without any of the drawbacks. And, many professional musicians choose them for the lush sounds, high quality acoustics, and pleasing appearance carbon fibre bows produce.

Carbon Fibre Bows:
– Won’t expand and contract with variations in temperature, so many musicians use them when playing outdoors.
– Are highly resistant to warping. Indeed, humidity won’t effect a composite bow the same way it does wood.
– Are very strong and less likely to snap at the tip or break. The composite material and forming techniques are the result of decades of product innovation, and is designed to maximize the strength of the violin bow without forfeiting the responsiveness.

Academy 3* Wood Veneer is cleverly constructed with a central Carbon Tube and Wood surround. Amazing response on the String with superb resonant qualities. As you tap the stick through the bow the consistent resonance is felt throughout the whole stick.