Neotech Sax Practice Harness – Black


Neotech Sax Practice Harness – Black



Neotech Sax Practice Harness – Black

The Sax Practice Harness™ offers an innovative solution for players who experience neck and shoulder fatigue during long practice sessions. Its unique design features a torso strap that is worn at the base of the rib cage and fastens with a quick disconnect buckle. This gives the player full air flow and control while offering a very secure yet mobile system to encourage freedom of movement. The two shoulder supports are made of a comfortable memory foam padding over customizable aluminum supports that bend to conform to the shape of your shoulders.

Because the fit of the Sax Practice Harness™ is dependent on the individual’s body, it is really impossible to give it an accurate length adjustability range. The torso strap fits at the base of the ribcage, and the distance from there to the top of one’s shoulders is going to vary widely. This variation will put the bend of the aluminum supports at a different place, affecting the overall length of the strap portion.

Fastening the torso strap is quick and easy. A quick disconnect buckle maintains a constant size yet can be freely adjusted to customize the fit. The length of the harness can be adjusted from either side with just a single pull and the swivel hook slides freely from side to side so you can position the instrument where it’s most comfortable. If a different hook option is preferred, the Sax Practice Harness™ can be used with the wide range of Neo Hook Systems which are sold separately. This gives you the ability to select the hook style that is just right for you.

The Sax Practice Harness™ is proudly made in the USA and offers a great alternative to the traditional harness system. Try it today!

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